The career of our team in the World Championship started back in 2003, when our riders Ivan Torres (SSP) y Juan Martin (125GP) showed our colours for first time ever in the Portuguese, Catalan and Spanish (CEV) Championships. Jerónimo Castillejos also did the proper thing in the Cuna de Campeones Spanish championship...and we did not stop ever since


We carried through our second season (2004) with the first official vehicle of the SAG fleet.
We could count on Juan Martín and Álex Manzi as our riders on 125GP class of the CEV and Iván Torres on the Supersport one. Jerónimo Castillejos kept on riding for us on the CEV's Extreme (1000 cc) category and raced again in Cuna de Campeones championship

Riders in CEV and Catalan Championship

CEV Rider Alex Manzi (125GP)

CEV & Cuna de Campeones Rider Jerónimo Castillejos

First Truck & Pitbox

1st Workshop


CEV Riders Enrique Jerez & Daniel Piñera

Cuna de Campeones rider Lorenzo Savadori (125GP)

Design & Workshop

In 2005 we could finally jump and join for first time the World Championship with our rider Ángel Rodríguez, racing on the 125cc category, but also got to become a consolidated team on the Spanish CEV with Enrique Jerez (125cc), Daniel Piñera and Juan Martin (both in Supersport) and Cuna de Campeones, this season represented by Lorenzo Savadori (125cc)


World Championship rider Fabricio Perron (250cc)

Pitbox & Bike

In 2006 we were lucky to upgrade our category in the World Championship, with Fabricio Perren racing in 250cc. We could also count on Loris Baz (WSBK and MotoGP rider) and Paco Soqueta to represent our colours in 125GP, either in CEV and the Catalan Championship.


We ally with strong sponsors

from Asia allowing a big qualitative jump becoming

bigger and stronger, getting a new base emplacement in

St Fruitòs del Bages (Barcelona) and increasing our fleet with a second truck for the World Championship Team.

In our 5th in a row season in the Spanish CEV, Álvaro Sánchez

and Enrique Jerez (Honda Kit)

represent us in 125GP class

and the team consolidates

in the World Championship scoring again in the 250cc category with  Ratthapark Wilairot as rider.

World Championship rider Ratthapark Wilairot (250cc)

CEV Riders Alvaro Sanchez & Enrique Jerez (125GP)

World Championship Team

CEV Design

Governement welcoming



World Championship rider (250cc)

CEV riders Jordi Dalmau & Ian Castro (125GP)

CEV rider Kasuya Otami (125GP)

In 2008 the team races in the intermediate class of the World Championship with Ratthapark Wilairot (Honda RSW Oficial). In Spanish CEV, on the 125cc cathegory, Kasuya Otani y Jordi Dalmau defend our colours, as well as Ian Castro with a Wild Card, meanwhile José Mª Reyes does the same in the Extreme class.


In 2009 the organization awards us with

a second saddle in the World Championship

intermediate class, so we're still represented

by Ratthapark Wilairot (Honda RSW Oficial)

and  Hector Faubel (Honda RSW Oficial)

as team mate for a single season.

On the other hand we increase our Spanish

CEV team with four riders showing our

colours in 125GP : Jordi Dalmau, Joan Perellò,

Glenn Scott and Luís Salom.

So we were also counting on Juan Ramírez

 to ride our bike in Supersport class.


Team keeps growing still on Moto2 class in the World Championship, counting with Ratthapark Wilairot this time with a Bimota, just as Bernat Martinez, who left and got replaced by Ricky Cardús, who also got replaced in the last 2 races by Xavi Forés, due to his injury. We keep our presence also in th Spanish CEV, on 125GP, with Johnny Rosell, Eric Granado and Joan Perelló, all of them with Honda Kit A bikes, and Joan also defended our colours in the European Championship, on the same cathegory.

World Championship rider Ratthapark Wilairot


Our place in the Moto2 class of the World Championship keeps becoming stronger, having again Ratthapark Wilairot as rider and Santi Hernández as new member of the team, both on FTR. On the other hand David Pros and Juan Ramírez are riding Bimota on the same class but in the Spanish CEV.


Our team gets to its 10th year, focusing all our resources in keeping up in the World Championship intermediate class and improve results. We count on Marco Colandrea y Kohta Nozane riding FTR, meanwhile Marcel Schrötter, Massimo Roccoli y Damian Cudlin defends us with Bimota. Angel Rodríguez takes chances with both bikes


On 2013 the team gets stronger

and all our efforts are focused on the

World Championship. Racing in Kalex bikes,

both our riders Xavier Simeón

and Marcel Schrötter,

got punctuation in the Moto2 cathegory.


In the meantime we are improving our local facilities, planning a big change for the

short future to come.

Still our efforts are focused on the Moto2 cathegory in the World Championship, with Louis Rossi and Thitipong Warokorn, both on, Kalex bikes, are proudly showing our colours during this season.


2015 is a big year for our team. We build a new Team Workshop located in Sabadell (Barcelona), we move from 600 square meters and 75 Kms from Barcelona to 1600m2 and only 30km away from it, distributed in 3 floors absolutely clear, giving us the chance to build some headquarters absolutely matching our conveniences and taste to its minimum dettail: parking and warehouse, offices, meeting rooms, workshop, machinery area and and graphic zone.

New Workshop

Parking and offices

Hall and staff facilities

Machinery, Graphic Arts & Restrooms


Principal offices

Meeting Rooms

Jesko Raffin & Thitipong Warokorn

Meanwhile, in this time of full expansión, we keep ourselves strong in the World Championship with Jesko Raffin and Thitipong Warokorn riding Kalex bikes on the Moto2 class.


Luis Salom - Race in Peace

Luis Salom - Race in Peace

Luis Salom - Race in Peace

In spite of 2016 being such a hard year for us, due to the loss of our beloved rider and friend Luis Salom, we must say that was also a very productive season. The team was improving its results in the moto2 World Championship class with Jesko Raffin and our beloved Luis Salom riding on Kalex bikes. And also recovered a spot in the Spanish Championship with Borja Quero winning the Catalunya race on Supersport cathegory.


After the hard blow in 2016, we rise stronger in 2017 and continue our fight, staying in our ground, always fighting in the World Champioship with Isaac Viñales and Tetsuta Nagashima as our Moto2 riders.

Isaac Viñales - Moto2 Rider

Tetsuta Nagashima (Moto2 Rider)


Jules Danilo & Isaac Viñales Moto2 Riders

Alex Medina, Jesko Raffin & Thitipong Warokorn

In 2018, with a small upturn on the Spanish CEV with Enokido’s Wild Card in Moto2 class, all our efforts are focused in the same class on the World Championship being honored to count on many riders (Isaac Viñales, Alex Medina, Jesko Raffin, Thitipong Warokorn and Jules Danilo) to keep our colours shown in this competition around the world.


Still in the World Championship with Remy Gardner and Tetsuta Nagashima, both getting excellent results with 2 pole positions each and even a 2nd place for Remy in Argentina. A new injection of power pushes us towards new frontiers and we get into the Asian Championship with Azlan Shah, who becomes champion in in Superbike and Supersport class. Ramdan Rosli gets to win in the Sepang race.

Them and Nazirut Izzat defend our colors in the Spanish CEV in the Moto2 class for first time.

Remy Gardner (Moto2 rider)

Tetsuta Nagashima (Moto2 Rider)

Ramdan Rosli & Azlan Shah (CEV riders)


2020...Weirdest season ever. We count on Remy Gardner and Kasma Daniel show our colours on the Moto2 class in the World Championship. Nowadays all the team is focused in starting engines again and so looking forward to offer you what we can do best: motorbike racing! Thank you so much to all of you for your unconditional support shown. You are our strength and we’ll make up for this gap without races with even more emotions and more gas than ever!! Roll on 2020 World Championship. We are ready….what about you?


Remy Gardner

Kasma Daniel

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